A Glazier’s Services

What Is A Glazier And What Services Do They Provide?

Skilled tradesmen trained in the art of glass cutting and fitting, professionals, are referred to as a glazier. A glazier is an expert who can cut and fit glass for doors, windows, and any other aspect of a home where glass must be cut, fitted, and installed.

Some might say that stained glass windows are a lost art. Ask a glazier and they will tell you there are plenty of professionals trained to design and install stained glass. Often found in churches, sanctuaries, and old buildings, stained glass windows provide an special beauty. Through the art of stained glass a story comes to life.

A glazier can provide services for all types of glass needs. Do you have a Victorian home with French doors? French doors are a unique double door entry style with a number of small square pieces of glass placed inside a wood doors. A qualified glazier from a company like Glass Express is the expert who can repair one of those pieces of glass should they break; a much better option than replacing the doors.

To become a glazier a person must train. Glaziers are considered a skilled trade. Therefore, students begin as an apprentice learning from a journeyman or master through on the job training. The AGGA offers apprenticeship programs.

There are various paths to becoming a glazier. The services they provide are important in the construction and home repair industries. Home builders and contractors seek out skilled trades professionals like glaziers because they have the expertise to handle difficult glass installations. Another industry that requires glaziers is the auto repair industry.

We’ve all gotten that dreaded chip in our windshield while driving on a busy highway. We quickly call a local repair company. They send out a glazier to either repair the chip or replace the window. The job of a glazier requires knowledge about cutting, fitting, and putting together glass so that it fits perfectly. Nobody wants to have their windshield replaced only to find it leaks. That’s why it is important to find a trained professional glazier.

However, glaziers also are knowledgeable about very detailed projects as well. A glazier working in a factory might deal with issues such as glass etching or fabrication of different sorts. It could be a coffee table than requires glass cut and fabricated to fit into an unique or unusual table dimension. Or it may be framing and mounting etched glass for a client. No matter the project a skilled glazier will be able to accomplish the goal without error.

One unique fact about glaziers is that they are not required to obtain a state license like other skills tradesmen. In fact, the state of Victoria is the only state in the nation that requires a glazier to obtain a license. While certifications are one way a glazier can prove their skill level the most important aspect you should consider when looking for a glazier is experience.