Pool Shop

Nowadays, you can purchase almost anything over the internet; even pools for your garden. Pool shops are stores that can be found both online and on the high street – and in them, you can find everything you’ll need to put a swimming area in your back garden.

From the feature itself to all the things required to keep and maintain it (such as covers, pumps, filters and more), these stores have it all.

What type of pool is best for your home?

There are two main types of pools: in-ground and above ground. Although it might seem obvious, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is. Well, above ground pools are set up on top of the land in which they are installed and can be taken apart and moved (or put away) at any given time. With in-ground pools however, you won’t be able to manoeuvre or dismantle them – as these are typically installed directly into the earth, making them a permanent feature of your home (unless you pay a high amount of money to get them removed).

In-ground variants are often more luxurious and nicer looking than their counterparts, but they don’t have the benefit of being temporary. This means that it all depends on your wants and needs for a swimming area – and for the functionality of your outdoor space. Is your garden big enough for an in-ground pool? Will a removable water feature be more convenient? It’s up to you.

The two may be very different from each other, but a lot of the equipment needed for their maintenance and continued performance are the same (or at least similar). This can make the whole process of pool buying easier, as you won’t have to do too much work looking into the different items necessary for their upkeep.

Finding the best supplier

So, when you know what kind of pool you want and what you need to get for it, you’ll need to go ahead and make the purchase. In many cases, there’s no better place to look than a local pool store.

These types of item-specific shops will have a wider range of above ground pools to offer their customers than the average high street competitors, so you’ll have many different choices to consider. There will be an array of sizes, shapes, colours, depths and more. And, since you can set up above ground pools without much hassle, you won’t have to wait for one to be constructed by professionals. You can set it up in your own time and – depending on the model – put it together with ease.

It’s a fairly different case with in-ground pools, but luckily these can still be purchased from the same kinds of stores. As with above ground pools, you’ll have even more options for your in-ground swimming area than if you were to buy from a general store – and you’ll have access to extensive planning and the right materials for your exact needs, without having to settle for less. Having the ability to customize every little detail from the ground up – literally – can make all of the difference, so the sky’s the limit.