The Importance Of Proper Roofing Installation And Maintenance

The day your roof is installed is the single most significant day in the life of the roof.  The installation lays the groundwork for the entire future of your roof. If it is properly installed, the future of your roof will be long and bright.  However, if a roof is installed improperly, it will always result in premature roof failure.  Proper roofing installation of is the most critical aspect of getting a new roof and it shows in the workmanship of SF Roofing.  Below are details of the importance of proper roofing installation and maintenance:

Peace of Mind

When a roof is inadequately installed it is not a question of whether it will leak, it becomes a question of when the roof will leak.  A leaky roof can become a massive headache for which you are not mentally prepared.  A leaky roof is the last thing you would want on your mind, and you will not want to deal with the damage caused every time it rains.

Prevents Leaks

The roofing system on your home keeps water from causing damage to the interior space and to the things you hold dear.  A roof that is properly installed can safeguard your home for many decades; however, a defective installation could cause your roof to prematurely fail.

Ventilation and Insulation

To perform properly, the roof has to be correctly ventilated and insulated.  Licensed and experienced roofers will ensure that all the components that could impact your system are properly fitted.  In addition, they will carry out an exhaustive inspection of the attic to ensure the proper functioning of your ventilation and insulation.

Attractive Roof

There is no denying that your roof is among the largest components of the exterior of your house.  As a result, it can make or break the curb appeal of the property.  When a certified contractor is hired to install your roofing system, you will not have to be concerned about a defective installation that could result in imperfections that undermine the visual appeal of your home.

Longer Lifespan

It is quite an expensive undertaking when a new roof is being installed and as such, you will want to get as many decades of use out of it as is possible. When installed properly, a roof could last for a lifetime.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

As it relates to manufacturer’s warranties, these companies will do all that is possible not to pay for a new roof or to cover the cost of repairs.  The first thing they will look into is whether the roofing system was correctly installed. It could be as simple as nails not being placed improperly for the manufacturer not to honor the terms of the warranty.

Unfortunately, if a part of the roof is not properly installed, there are, without a doubt, other parts that are incorrectly installed as well.  This is not a phenomenon that only happens to older roofs that are in need of a replacement, it is something that happens in new home builds as well.

When a roof is not properly installed, problems could arise from the very first rain fall after the installation.  Causes like improper nailing, unprofessional workmanship, poor attic ventilation and bad weather conditions while the roof is being installed will always result in a roof failing way ahead of its time.

As such, it is important to have your roofing system installed and maintained by a qualified and experienced professional.  Regular roof maintenance should be a priority at all times. It allows for the identification and restoration of minor issues before they become major problems. It also assists in extending the lifespan of the roof.